MARC Record Sets for desLibris

Because desLibris links are universal (that is, not customized for a specific library site) it is possible to supply generic sets of MARC records which may be used in any library. This page is the access point for standard sets of records. desLibris accounts needing a complete set of records for any collection may download them here.

desLibris provides two forms of record:

  • Basic
    Essential fields, including the 856 linked to the desLibris book or target url
  • Complete
    Full MARC, including LCSH and LCN and OCLC numbers

The production of a full MARC record may take 1-3 months. Because Public Documents are harvested and added to desLibris on a daily basis, there may be a significant gap between titles on the site and their corresponding MARC records. The Basic record is intended to eliminate this gap. As soon as a Public Document is released on desLibris, a Basic MARC record is created and available. Thus libraries wishing to maintain currency may download these sets and use them for loading to their OPACs/catalogues. When the Complete record becomes available, it will overwrite the Basic record. At any given time, the full set of Basic records will reflect only those records without accompanying Complete records.

In the right column are the Complete record collections. These sets are built and updated on a regular monthly basis.

To download any set, click on the hyperlink. Each zip file contains the MARC records (in a .mrc file) as well as a .list (in a .txt file) of the 001 of the titles included in the set. These sets are refreshed on the first of each month.

Please note: While these sets are convenient ways to get started with a MARC collection for your library, they are not the recommended way to maintain regular updates. The best option for that purpose is to establish a "Custom Order Service" for your library as described here.

Basic MARC for Public Documents

Complete MARC Record Sets

All Records Current Month Update Previous Month Update
Standing Collections Marc Set Text List Marc Set Text List Marc Set Text List
Books Subscription All Records Text Download Text Download Text
Documents Subscription All Records Text Download ** Text Download Text
Grey House Directories All Records Text Download Text Download Text
Irwin Law Collection All Records Text Download Text Download Text
Ulysses Travel Guides All Records Text Download Text Download Text
CRKN Licensed Titles All Records Text Not Available Text Not Available Text

** Note: this set is empty due to a transition in the MARC production process. The "All Records" set for Documents represents the complete set as of 1/1/17.

Delete Files

From time to time for various reasons, titles may be removed from desLibris. When this happens the MARC record is removed from the current sets. In order to align your catalogue with the current set of titles, you may use these links to download sets of the records which have been deleted for any reason since the record was originally created. These Zip files contain a csv list of control numbers and the MARC records affected.

All Book Records Deleted (17 records to 8/1/16)

All Document Records Deleted (about 250 records to 8/1/16)