MARC Record Sets for desLibris

Because desLibris links are universal (that is, not customized for a specific library site) it is possible to supply generic sets of MARC records which may be used in any library. This page is the access point for downloading both standard and customized sets of MARC records for desLibris.

Two forms of record are provided:

  • Brief
    Essential fields, including the 856 linked to the desLibris book or target url.
  • Complete
    Full MARC, including LCSH and OCLC numbers

Standing Collections
In the right column are the Standing Collection Sets, which support subscription collections only. To download any set, click on the hyperlink. Each zip file contains the MARC records (in a .mrc file) as well as a .list (in a .txt file) of the 001 of the titles included in the set. These sets are refreshed on the first of each month.

Auto-delivery Service
While Standing Collections may be a convenient way to get started with a desLibris MARC collection for your library, the Auto-delivery service ((described here) is the recommended way to set up an initial delivery and maintain regular updates. This service will provide sets which exactly reflect your library’s entitlements, including both subscription and perpetual access acquisitions (which are not included in the Standing Collections.) If your library holds perpetual access licenses to CEL titles on the ebrary platform (purchased directly or through a wholesaler) you have access to those titles on desLibris as well, but these also will not be included in the Standing Collections.)

MARC Format

Search MARC for Public Documents

Current Month Previous Month

One record will be provided for each title released in the date range selected. If Full records are not available, Brief records will be supplied. (Maximum 1000 Records)
Document ID's To create a set by any desLibris search parameter, create a search in desLibris to reflect your requirements. On the Results page, go "List Results" and create an Excel export. From that, cut and paste the Document IDs here.
This set will provide a brief record for every public document for which a Full Record is not available.

Standing Collection Sets of Full MARC

All Records Current Month Update Previous Month Update
Standing Collections Marc Set Text List Marc Set Text List Marc Set Text List
Books Subscription All Records Text Download Text Download Text
Documents Subscription All Records Text Download ** Text Download Text
Grey House Directories All Records Text Download Text Download Text
Irwin Law Collection All Records Text Download Text Download Text
Ulysses Travel Guides All Records Text Download Text Download Text
CRKN Licensed Titles All Records Text Not Available Text Not Available Text

Delete Files

From time to time, titles may be removed from the desLibris subscription packages. When this happens the MARC record is removed from the current sets. In order to align your catalogue with the current set of titles, you may use these links to download sets of records which have been deleted for any reason since the record was initially distributed. These Zip files contain a csv list of control numbers and the MARC records affected.

These sets contain delete records for any title removed since the first desLibris subscriptions were licensed in 2014.

We have created separate books delete sets for libraries that took part in the 2008 CRKN purchase, since the CRKN libraries retain access to some titles that are no longer in the books subscription collection. Some libraries may hold additional titles that are also in the subscription collection, so may want to check the deletions set against their holdings.


Books (Subscription): desLibris-subscr-books-delete

Books (CRKN Members): desLibris-subscr-books-delete-CRKN

Other delete sets may be ordered on demand; please contact

Deletion Summaries:
These spreadsheets summarize deletions from the subscription books and documents collections, on both the desLibris and ebrary platforms. The "CRKN-libraries" spreadsheet includes a list of the 66 libraries involved.

Every library holding a desLibris subscription has an account on this MARC record archive. Here all records in the system are available for query or review.

By signing in to your CELArc account, you may access pre-built record sets corresponding to your library’s subscribed content. On the “Export” tab you will also find delete sets for each subscription collection. More information here.

CELArc also has replacement sets: desLibris_BOOKS Corrected and desLibris_DOCS Corrected, which will be updated as more corrections are made.

Libraries wishing to remove their ebrary CEL subscription holdings may use these ebrary-branded delete sets to remove MARC records for current titles. If you have not applied all ebrary-supplied deletion sets, please contact for additional delete sets.

Documents - Canadian Public Policy and Canadian Health Research Collections

Books - Canadian Publishers Collection

CRKN member libraries participating in the 2008 CRKN purchase may use this delete set to remove those 8129 MARC records. (There is considerable overlap with the subscription collection.)